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Winter tyres

The British weather is a difficult one to predict but if we get snow like 2010, you might want to consider fitting winter tyres to your vehicle. Winter tyres have been specially developed by the manufacturers to out perform regular tyres in cold weather, when the temperature drops below 7°C. The softer rubber and unique tread pattern combine to give a grippier tyre with better traction, cornering and stopping performance in winter condidtions.

We can supply and fit your winter tyres and change back to your regular tyres when temperatures begin to rise again, usually in March.

Give Paul a call on 0191 252 1703 to discuss whether your car would benefit from winter tyres or pop in and see us for advice.

North East tyres

They may be round, boring and black, but tyres perform a vital role in your car's safety. Four patches of rubber, each not much larger than a footprint are all that provide your vehicle's contact with the tarmac and provide grip. Our professional tyre fitter will inspect your tyres and recommend repair or replacement as necessary to ensure your car stays legal and is safe to drive in all road conditions. Contact us by telephoning 0191 252 1703

Puncture repairs

Often a punctured tyre can be successfully repaired. We will inspect your damaged tyre carefully and if it can safely be repaired we will carry out a professional job to a very high standard.

Wheel balancing and if necessary alignment will complete the job.

As an independent supplier, we are not tied to any one tyre manufacturer like many of the big national companies. This means we can offer an unlimited choice of makes of tyres off the shelf, or within 24 hours from the manufacturer. We stock tyres from the leading manufacturers including: Pirelli, Continental, Dunlop, Goodyear and Michelin. If you are on a tight budget we also offer good quality alternative products.

We accept the following payment methods as well as cash or cheque backed by a cheque guarantee card:

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